Esox Pursuit's 7inch Big Sexy Bait
Esox Pursuit's 7inch Big Sexy Bait
Esox Pursuit's 7inch Big Sexy Bait
Esox Pursuit's 7inch Big Sexy Bait

Esox Pursuit's 7inch Big Sexy Bait

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WB Musky shop proudly presents Esox Pursuit's 7inch Big Sexy Bait. Handmade in Michigan, these lures are the perfect lure in order to catch those illusive members of the Esox family. Each bait comes with two tails, a paddle tail as well as a pull-pause tail for the ultimate pursuit. 


The Big Sexy Shad is a one of a kind lure. A true hybrid bait giving you the hookups of a hard bait while providing some of the greatest action of any soft plastic Muskie lure. The head of The Big Sexy is made out of a hard resin material. The bait has an internal harness and can be fished shallow or deep. This is achieved by using the included external threaded weight. 
The Big Sexy Shad  comes with a paddle tail and a curly tail. Both tails can be used as a swimbait and you can also pull pause the curly tail. Using the included screw in weight with the curly tail achieves a hoping action from the lure and without the weight the lure hangs and suspends more for better presentation over weeds and structure. By attaching the included weight you can burn The Big Sexy with its paddle tail attached causing a very erratic swimming action. 

The tails are removable by simply twisting them off and there is no need to use any glue to secure them. Because of this, the tails are able to be poured with a softer rubber increasing the action of the lure. Once your tail is chewed beyond use, just replace the tail. No need to replace the whole lure like other soft plastics.



hard resin head

Lure length with hand poured paddle tail (7") and pull-pause tail included (7.5") and both style tails are included in purchase 

weight: 1.5 ounces (unweighted)

unweighted swim depth: 2-4ft

External weight adds 1/2 ounce and makes the swim depth 5-10ft

Two short shanked 3X strength 1/0 trebles with 3X strength split rings