Youth Brand Ambassadors

WB Musky Shop is thoroughly committed to providing education to the youth of today and to ensure that we can pass the love of our sport of Musky fishing to a future generation.

Our youth brand ambassadors have a passion for fishing (for any species), a desire to gain knowledge in our sport and are wanting to serve their communities  in a positive way. If you know someone that fits this description, please contact us at on our contact page, email at or call us at 540-759-8565 to be considered in becoming a WB Musky Shop Youth Brand Ambassador. The future of Musky Fishing starts here! (Kids must have parents permission). 



****Our Youth Brand Ambassadors in Action! The 2019 F8 Musky in the Mountains Fishing Tournament hosted its Inaugural Kids Fishing Tournament sponsored by WB Musky Shop in September 2019! We are proud to announce that the all podium positions were won by WB Musky Shop Youth Brand Ambassadors! We cannot be more proud of our Ambassadors and all of our young participants in our Inaugural tourney!

1st Place and Biggest Fish awarded to: "Musky" Hunter Ponton

2nd Place awarded to: David Kesler

3rd Place awarded to: Mason Patterson

Here are some pictures from the kids tournament:






Youth Brand Ambassador

State of Virginia

"Musky" Hunter Ponton 

"Musky" Hunter is WB Musk Shop's first youth brand ambassador and represents the state of Virginia. Hunter is an excellent fisherman, wonderful person and is an upstanding member of the community. He is actively involved in Chapter 76 of Muskies Inc. and there will be a lot of amazing things from this young man in the years to come. Congratulations, "Musky" Hunter. 



Alexander Wyatt Gllispie

Alexander also represents the state of Virginia. At the age of 4 years old, Alexander already shows great promise in the world of Musky fishing. He is able to solo fish- from cast to release! Alexander is constantly watching YouTube videos of Musky fishing and casting. When the weather is nice, he practices casting outdoors when he is not on the water. Alexander also likes to build baits and paint them with his dad. This young man is bound to do amazing things in the future! Congratulations, Alexander!




Mason Patterson

Mason is also a representative of the state of Virginia. Mason is 6 years old, however, he is extremely well-versed in the sport of fishing! He has caught bass, trout, catfish and several other species and is very excited to catch his first Musky. When Mason is not fishing with his Dad, he enjoys many outdoor activities, but his favorite thing to do is to tell his friends stories about all of his amazing fishing trips. WB Musky Shop is excited to have Mason on our Youth Brand Ambassadors team and we can't wait to see all of those trophy fish that he will be getting! Congratulations, Mason! 


Jamie Henry Jr.

Jamie is a representative of the state of Virginia. Jamie is 11 years old and is obsessed with the sport of fishing. Jamie has caught Musky, catfish, trout and bass just to name a few. He truly loves the sport of fishing. Jamie also won a kayak tournament in early July 2019, catching smallmouth bass! When Jamie is not fishing, he enjoys spending his time hunting, camping, playing baseball and is even a wrestler. Jamie is a wonderful, active member of the community and we can't wait to see all of the wonderful things that this young man will accomplish! Congratulations, Jamie! 


David Kesler

David is a representative of the state of Virginia. David is 14 years old and absolutely loves all types of fishing! David has recently caught his personal best small mouth bass and also caught his first solo Musky (36.25"). David enjoys fishing from jet boat, kayak and also bank fishing. As long as he can spend a day on the water, he is happy! When David is not fishing, he also enjoys playing basketball, baseball and soccer. Congratulations, David! We are proud to have you on our team and look forward to all of the awesome things you will accomplish!



State of Pennsylvania 

Gabe Kennedy 

Gabe is our first representative of the state of Pennsylvania. He is 16 years old, and has a real knack for catching Musky as well as other species of fish.Gabe often travels up and down the east coast with his family going on awesome fishing trips! When Gabe is not fishing, he really enjoys hanging out with his friends and he also plays basketball for his local high school team. Congratulations on your selection as a Youth Brand Ambassador, we know you will accomplish great things! 




State of West Virginia 

Lilly Lawson

Lilly Lawson is our first representative from the state of West Virginia and our first female Youth Brand Ambassador. Lilly is 6 years old and additionally, has caught her first Musky at the same age. Lilly also fishes for trout, bass and other fish. Lilly makes Musky lures from scratch and paints them alongside her dad as she is quite creative! When Lilly is not fishing, she loves everything about horses and the color pink. Congratulations, Lilly! We can’t wait to see all the amazing things she has in store in the future!


State of Wisconsin 

Ayden Froeschle

The first to represent the state of Wisconsin is Ayden Froeschle. Ayden is 15 years old and has an immense passion for fishing and all things musky! He dreams about going on the water daily and has even traveled to Canada in pursuit of those toothy fish. Ayden possesses a "can-do" attitude on and off the water and especially loves to make his own musky buck tails. When Ayden is not musky fishing, he also enjoys hunting, woodworking and playing baseball. We are proud to welcome Ayden to WB Musky Shop Youth Brand Ambassadors program and can't wait to see all the awesome things he will accomplish in the musky community and beyond! Congratulations! 



Thomas Lyon

Additionally representing the state of Wisconsin is Thomas Lyon. Thomas is 15 years old and truly enjoys fishing for all species, however, musky are his absolute favorite. Last year Thomas had placed 3rd in the nation in the Muskies Inc.'s Fingerling Division. Thomas has also won the Capital City Chapter Eight's youth tourney in addition to Big Fish. When Thomas is not landing trophy-musky, he is hanging out with his friends or playing sports such as wrestling and football, where he is the QB of his team . Thomas-congratulations on your selection as a Youth Brand Ambassador, we know you will accomplish many more great things!