Sea Cow 10"
Sea Cow 10"
Sea Cow 10"
Sea Cow 10"
Sea Cow 10"
Sea Cow 10"

Sea Cow 10"

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10″ Sea Cow™  Musky Glider Baits
This is one of the hottest glider lures on the market today! The Sea Cow TM gliders have an unbelievable gliding action that really triggers fish to strike and not just follow. These are weighted to slow sink and are designed to be worked with small twitches from the rod tip that result in a long smooth glide. The Sea Cow TM come in 21 fish catching colors and are used for all types of fish including striper bass, musky, Northern pike, tarpon, barracuda, wahoo and more. The lure bodies on these are so tough you can literally pound a nail into a 2×4 with them! Through wire construction, super strong 150lb+ pull rated split rings, brass treble hooks and just plain super tough lures. We oversized the hooks and made the belly on these lures with a hull like shape. This helps the hooks to not “hide” under the belly and will help you increase your hook up ratio and boat you more fish! These are top quality lures but priced for the average fisherman.


Sea Cow Specifications:
– 10 inches in length
– Through wire construction
– High impact ABS body
– 175lb+ split rings
– 7/0 3x thick Musky Hooks
– Weight 5.75 oz
– Slow sinking model
– Oversized 3D real fish eyes